What is "Onsite Composting"?

The current way of thinking about trash disposal is to call the big truck to take it away - either to the landfill or to a recycling center.  Sometimes this makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. Hauling waste is expensive, and food waste, manure and other "compostable" material (used paper towels, napkins, etc) can be composted onsite and turned into a resource.  This may be a good option for your organization or business.  You could save money by composting onsite, while helping to reverse or slow climate change! It is worth looking in to!

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What are "In-Vessel" Compost systems?

In vessel compost systems confine composting materials in a container or vessel.  Air flow is controlled so that anaerobic conditions (and odors) are avoided, and a turning or mixing system is usually integrated so that manual turning is not required. 

Why not put food waste into the landfill?

Food waste and other compostable material (used napkins, cardboard, etc, not counting yard waste) currently comprise almost 30% of the waste stream in the United States. This is changing. Putting compostable material into landfills produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas (at least 25 times stronger as a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide).  If food waste is disposed of properly, and composted, it transforms into a valuable soil amendment.  It just makes sense.