Compost Onsite

Don't pay to haul it away!  You can transform your compostable material into a valuable resource - onsite! Whether you want to compost food waste or manure, I can help you set up an onsite system that works for you. We will establish procedures for waste separation and storage, and train staff to implement all aspects of onsite composting. 

Retreat centers, summer camps, and places of worship can be ideal settings for onsite composting.  Other settings where it just makes sense to compost onsite include: prisons, zoos, and private schools.


Compost Education and Demonstration Projects

I love talking to people of all ages about composting. Kids of all ages are fascinated by transforming waste into "Black Gold". Sometimes you have to see it to believe it, and getting our hands into a demonstration project is the best way to learn. 


Waste Assessments

A good place to start for your business or organization is to know how much, and what type of waste is typically produced. If you do decide to go with a pick-up service, or with onsite composting, how much will there be? It is better to know for sure than to guess. I will work with your team to separate and measure each of your waste streams.

Information and Resources

How does composting work? How is putting our food waste in the landfill harming the environment? What are the benefits of composting onsite? Where can I see this happening already? How does this fit in with "food recovery"?

Files coming soon.